Artist Donates 300 Global Warming Works to State and World Museums

SANTA FE, N.M., (Updated Jan 3, 2020) — American contemporary artist Mark Bradley Bealmear of Santa Fe, New Mexico donated 300 abstract paintings to public art musums in all 50 US states and in countries around the world during August 2019. The small works on paper are from Bealmear’s new series “Studies for a New Atmosphere.”

“’Studies for a New Atmosphere’ derives from Homo sapiens’ effects on the environment; our planet and its life. Will the environment become toxic to us and all life, or will we suddenly metamorphose to slow and reverse the damage and horrific extinctions already underway? This should be the primary question as we realize our missteps as a species, but instead groups and individuals are involved in escalating parasitic self-serving battles worldwide – very much including the United States.” the artist said recently in a studio interview. 

A New Mexico native, Bealmear lived in New York City as an advertising photographer for two decades, his clients including Tiffany & Co. and other luxury firms. However, sensing rapidly-impending environmental problems and wishing to make a statement of some kind, he left NYC in 2006 to return to Santa Fe.

In 2014 Bealmear sold his photo gear to concentrate entirely on painting. “My message throughout has been largely environmental, but it took a few years of painting to discover that abstract expressionism allows me to throw my philosophic concerns passionately and directly into the work. I hope that humanity steps back, recognizes reality and sets to work detoxifying the planet, respecting and ending harms to all forms of life” he says. “But it’s becoming very hard to imagine that happening.”

Mark Bealmear is self-represented. His work has been included in US exhibitions and may be found in private collections internationally. During November 2019 his series “The Reckoning” was featured in a pop-up solo show at FOMA Santa Fe.

Contact: Mark Bealmear, +1 505 577-3127