Civilization could have started with humans guiding every action by the question “Does my action harm life and Earth?” Anything else, by definition, harms the planet and its life, and must therefore eventually lead to extinction. Any banker will be glad to explain the consequences of constant withdrawals without equal or greater deposits.

Unfortunately, we did not start with judgment by the question, instead inventing guys on clouds who give us mystical permission, individually or in groups, to “take it all.” We have done quite a precision job of quickly trashing the planet and crashing its life. At this rate our own days are numbered. Still, we have the intelligence and ability to imagine where we would be now had we started on the track of nonharm, and move crossways to join it.

Throwing paint at a canvas helps me to somehow make sense of this, or at least to feel like I am taking some action on its behalf. Does it matter? In the end we will simply be another line in the sandstone. See you there.