Untitled Book I (1989)

This book was roughly guided by a vision I had in the spring of 1989 as I crossed 40th St. in Manhattan. I didn’t really know what I was writing or how to write it. Now (decades later) I can say that it should be read as asking what life would be like if our species had started civilization by asking the question ‘Does this action harm life and earth?’ prior to actually taking every action. And then doing what is necessary to make the answer ‘no,’ without exception. Replacing equally or more for everything we take and do. By now we would really have it down, living in comfort – yet in total non-harm to the planet. The super-strong eggshell-like structures described, covered with topsoil and capturing rainfall, could be built basically in the simple manner shown, but using a 3D printer and silica-based material like upside-down intersecting coiled pots with solar or wind power. Mag-lev transportation allowing narrow buried guidance rails would remove the need to pave the planet. Everything made totally remakeable/renewable/recyclable. Universal glass or stainless steel containers. Vegan food not just as tasty as, but tastier than meat (this is coming to reality with Impossible Foods now). Rather than working hard eking out a living, each person could work for a period of their youth and then go home. How about studying where this philosophy would have taken us, and launching a GLOBAL Green New Deal?